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Terror Films Set to Re-release Adam Robitel’s Possession Thriller THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN

Terror Films Set to Re-release Adam Robitel's Possession Thriller THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN

Shudder recently announced their September line up and among the titles listed were two films from indie genre distributor Terror Films. The two films included: the highly anticipated Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire, plus a fan and critic favorite that seemed to have all but disappeared from digital platforms – Adam Robitel’s award-winning feature debut, The Taking of Deborah Logan. The Taking of Deborah Logan will be released on Shudder beginning September 30, 2019. The official release date for the wider platform release is expected to be announced soon.

“Evil lives within you.”


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“Keeping Secrets Are Ye?” Watch the New Trailer for Robert Eggers’ THE LIGHTHOUSE

"Keeping Secrets Are Ye?" Watch the New Trailer for Robert Eggers’ THE LIGHTHOUSE

Watch the new official trailer for A24’s The Lighthouse; a hypnotic and hallucinatory tale of nautical psychodrama that brought festival audiences at Cannes and Toronto to their feet, from Robert Eggers – the visionary filmmaker behind modern horror masterpiece The Witch.

The Lighthouse stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s; arriving in cinemas, 18 October.

“He believed that there was some enchantment in the light. Went mad, he did.”



Volumes of Blood (2015, USA) Review

Volumes of Blood (2015, USA) Review

Volumes of Blood is a horror anthology movie featuring five short films, each helmed by a different director. The overarching story focuses on a college study group in a public library trying to create a new urban legend as part of a class project. As in just about every anthology, some of the stories were better than others, owing to variances in acting, cinematography, and screenplay. Yes, it’s a low-budget film, but that’s not where it falls short: what failed the movie was the writing.

Nevertheless, it’s an entertaining film, one worth your time.

“Some libraries make a killing!”



Brick (2005, USA) Review

Brick (2005)

Rian Johnson is a director, writer and musician, but primarily one of the most unique, inventive and sometimes controversial, filmmakers currently active in both film and TV. In Brick, Johnson coaxed uniformly outstanding performances from a young cast, most obviously an assured and compelling turn from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, earmarking the young actor as one to be watched (a prediction that has since been eminently fulfilled). However, the movie’s most arresting strength is a script that reads almost like Shakespearean dialogue and sounds like music.

“A detective story.”



Sommar Never Ends in MIDSOMMAR Director’s Cut 🌻 In US Theaters Nationwide This Weekend!

Sommar Never Ends in MIDSOMMAR Director's Cut 🌻

Let the festivities continue. The unrated Midsommar Director’s Cut – featuring new scenes and extended footage – opens in select US theaters nationwide this weekend!

“Sommar never ends.”


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Waxwork Records Presents US Vinyl Soundtrack & Pins

Waxwork Records Presents US Vinyl Soundtrack & Enamel Pin

Waxwork Records is proud to present the Us original motion picture soundtrack featuring a score by composer Michael Abels. Us, released in March 2019, is an original nightmare written, directed and produced by Academy Award®-winning visionary Jordan Peele.

“We are our own worst enemy.”


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Escape Plan 3 (2019, USA) Signature Entertainment DVD Review

Escape Plan 3 (2019)

Unlike Escape Plan or its sequel, Escape Plan 3 strips away all elements of science fiction and instead injects realism into this dramatic tale of revenge. And whilst Escape Plan 2 left us with certain expectations as to where the third installment was headed, the organisation responsible for “The Tomb” and “Hades” – now known to be Zhang Innovations – is not central to the plot of Escape Plan 3. That distinction is instead given to Devon Sawa’s character, Lester Clark Jr. Because of this, its likely that Escape Plan 3 – previously marketed as the final installment – will receive a fourth outing.

“I’m done with prisons.”


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Escape Plan 2 (2018, China / USA) Review

Escape Plan 2 (2018)

Five years after the nostalgia trip that was Escape Plan – a dream team of 80s action muscle; specifically Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger – its sequel, imaginatively titled Escape Plan 2, replaces Schwarzenegger with former professional wrestler, Dave Bautista and Xiaoming Huang. Escape Plan 2 is a sequel that Stallone himself has called “beyond awful”, and yet I have to admit that I actually quite enjoyed watching it for the same reasons I enjoyed its predecessor: its excessive, over-the-top action; although this time there is a lot more martial artistry, courtesy of Xiaoming Huang.

“This isn’t a prison. It’s a machine.”


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Based on the children’s books that spooked a generation, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is now a major motion picture. Fright-Rags honors the film’s release with exclusive t-shirts. They also have new House apparel and newly-created Garbage Pail Kids inspired by horror classics.

“Go to Hell.”


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Indicator October 2019 Blu-ray Titles

Indicator October 2019 Blu-ray Titles

On 28 October, Indicator presents long-overdue Blu-ray premieres of four powerful and uncompromising films. First, two worldwide Blu-ray premieres: the tense Brit noir Time Without Pity (1957); and the epic Young Winston (1972). Next, two UK premiere editions: Badge 373 (1973), directed by Howard Koch, is based on the life of New York detective Eddie Egan; and award-winning director Alan Parker’s Birdy (1984).

“A gun in his sock, a tire iron in his belt, and no badge. The story of Eddie. The best ex-cop in the business.”



One Deadly Summer (1983, France) CultFilms Dual Format Blu-ray/DVD Review

One Deadly Summer (1983)

Based upon Sébastien Japrisot’s 1977 novel of the same name, L’Été meurtrier – or as it is known in English speaking territories, One Deadly Summer – stars Isabelle Adjani as Eliane “Elle” Wieck; a troubled young woman who settles with her family into the small rural town in the south of France.

“All he wants is to get her stupid knickers off, and all that she wants is that he manages. And that he doesn’t get his fingers caught in the zip. Just to forget for a moment that he is the son… of that piece of shit bastard father of his.”



Fifteen Years of Fantastic Fest: Celebrating the Weird and Wonderful Genre Films from Across the World!

Fantastic Fest 2019

Reaching the milestone of fifteen years, Fantastic Fest blasts off with the widest selection of weird and wonderful genre films gathered from across the world to screen in Austin, TX, from September 19-26, 2019, bringing a diverse array of global filmmakers for a highly-controlled explosion of curated cinematic mayhem.

“Our fifteenth year is a one-of-a-kind of celebration of the cinema we champion: brilliant and out-there.”