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Super7 BREAKIN’ ReAction Figures


Super7 BREAKIN' ReAction Figures

Break it to make it! The dance explosion of the 80s jumps off the screen with the new Super7 x Breakin’ 3.75″ ReAction Figures of Ozone, Special K, and Turbo; with broom accessory!

“With a little help you’ll be poppin’ and lockin’ and breakin’ in no time.”


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American Ninja (1985, USA)

American Ninja (1985)

Out of all the bizarre trends the ’80s hoisted upon pop culture, ninjas have to be among the most prolific. Suddenly, any two-bit action flick schlock factory received a license to render their product “mysterious” and “exotic,” just by decking out half their actors in black long johns. Never one to pass on a fad that could net them some extra bucks, the Cannon Group gladly hopped aboard the martial arts bandwagon, putting out a series of cult cheesefests that included 1985’s American Ninja.

“The deadliest art of the Orient is now in the hands of an American.”