Watch Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz’s TROMA’S WAR (15 May) on Shudder’s The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs

Watch Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz's TROMA'S WAR (15 May) on Shudder's The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs

President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of The Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman, will appear with Patricia Kaufman on the next episode of The Last-Drive-In, to present his most personal film – a no holds barred indictment on war, Ronald Reagan, and the first statement about aids in film! Watch the film the MPAA tried to destroy! There’s nothing like a good war to make heroes of us all! The freedom of Tromaville and the world is at stake!

“I wanted to bring all the guts, the blood, the violence, the reasons that we don’t like war, but in a cinematic sense.”