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THE VOID Collection Now Available from Cavity Colors 👁

THE VOID Collection Now Available from Cavity Colors

Cavity Colors are incredibly excited to bring you a new dimension in evil! The Void is a modern day makeup FX masterpiece that beckons back to the 1980’s creature feature mania.

“You’d be surprised at the things you find when you go looking…”



The Void (2016, Canada)

The Void (2016)

Canadian writer-director team Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie are part of the Astron-6 collective, whose work includes the playful retro horrors The Editor and Manborg.

In their feature The Void, they tone down the humour and opt for suspense and full-on Lovecraftian horror. They draw their influences from a number of sources, including Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, Anderson’s Event Horizon, Cronenberg’s The Fly, Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond and Carpenter’s The Thing and Prince of Darkness.

“There is a hell. This is worse.”