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BUDGET BIOMORPHS: THE MAKING OF THE GUYVER FILMS Review: Dom O’Brien’s Tantalising Tokusatsu Tome

BUDGET BIOMORPHS: THE MAKING OF THE GUYVER FILMS Review: Dom O'Brien's Tantalising Tokusatsu Tome

Imagine if manga artist Go Nagai consulted on the Japanese tokusatsu television series Ultraman or Kamen Rider! The result may have been something more…macabre! A violent tokusatsu mutation… The Guyver is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers oozing Zoanoid slime!

“Out of inexperience, we proceeded to break every rule in Hollywood…”


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Guyver: Dark Hero (1994, USA)

Guyver: Dark Hero (1994) VHS CoverOf all the bad films I have had the guilty pleasure (and at times displeasure) to watch, none have be as sentimentally close to me as Steve Wang’s live action take on the Japanese Manga; Guyver. A sequel to 1991’s The Guyver (itself a mediocre Americanized take on the source material), Guyver: Dark Hero was everything its predecessor should have been. Granted many might think this is just Power Rangers with blood and gore, but for its minuscule budget it contains impressive practical effects and brilliantly choreographed wirework.

“The Zoanoids weren’t the failed experiment. The Guyvers were. The aliens created the Guyvers to fight their wars for them. The humans rebeled. Out of control. The Guyver is nothing more than a weapon…”