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Murder House (Puppet Combo, 2020) PC Review

Murder House (Puppet Combo, 2020) PC Review

Easter 1985. Anthony Smith, more commonly known as The Easter Ripper, is executed after being convicted for the murder spree of several young children he had abducted from a shopping mall – under the guise of The Easter Bunny – and tortured at his “murder house”, leaving lives shattered and families ripped apart.

“Tonight, we’ll go inside his vacant home, where 11 innocent children spent their final moments in agonizing pain and terror.”


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Mezco Toyz & Living Dead Dolls Presents SILENT HILL 2: Bubble Head Nurse

Mezco Toyz & Living Dead Dolls Presents SILENT HILL 2 Bubble Head Nurse

Your worst nightmare personified, the Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill 2 joins the Living Dead Dolls family! Fairly aggressive in nature, this shrieking and gurgling monster is every night terror you’ve ever had…

“Don’t worry, I’m not crazy… at least, I don’t think so.”


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Agony Unrated (2018, Madmind Studio) PC Review

Agony Unrated (2018, Madmind Studio) PC Review

I slowly lugged through the game, having no motivation to even finish it. It’s not innovative in its gameplay. The only reason to play it is for the visuals, but even that gets stale after a short time. I think it was perfect Madmind Studio called it Agony because getting to the end is nothing but agonizing.

“I promise that your destiny will soon be fulfilled.”


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Unforgettable Retro Zombie Video Games

Zombie Nation (1990)

Whereas retro zombie video games were the “Next Big Thing” in their days, this is not the case anymore since more stylistic and graphically-rich games have emerged. As a result, gaming enthusiasts across the globe have been forced to forget blasting through corpses in favor of the most current, action-intense games like like those from the Forza Horizon, Mafia and Gears of War series.

“The zombies are coming!”


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The Evil Dead (1984) Commodore 64

The Evil Dead (1984) Commodore 64 CoverCoded by Richard Leinfellner for Palace Software and released on the Commodore 64 in 1984, The Evil Dead is an adventure game based on Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror film of the same name.

When a group of five Michigan State students decide to spend the weekend at an isolated cabin, hidden deep within the woods of the Tennessee mountains, they discover ‘Morturom Demonto’ an ancient Sumerian text, otherwise known as ‘The Book of the Dead’.

“A fast-moving graphic game of skill and strategy…The most exciting computer game!”