Terror Films Set to Re-release Adam Robitel’s Possession Thriller THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN

Terror Films Set to Re-release Adam Robitel's Possession Thriller THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN

Shudder recently announced their September line up and among the titles listed were two films from indie genre distributor Terror Films. The two films included: the highly anticipated Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire, plus a fan and critic favorite that seemed to have all but disappeared from digital platforms – Adam Robitel’s award-winning feature debut, The Taking of Deborah Logan. The Taking of Deborah Logan will be released on Shudder beginning September 30, 2019. The official release date for the wider platform release is expected to be announced soon.

“Evil lives within you.”



American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon (2017, USA) Review

American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon

The American Guinea Pig series was one I had yet to encounter, though it’s telling to see Unearthed Films taking the concept of the original Japanese Guinea Pig series and transferring it to an American market, with The Song of Solomon a more traditional, albeit very gory narrative driven slice of genre cinema. If you’re not familiar with the Guinea Pig films then, well, here’s a quick film history lesson, kids! The Guinea Pig films where a series of direct to video features, short in length and made in Japan around the mid to late 80s. The first two were considerably grizzly in their reputation…

“When the song is finally sung, Lucifer will be unleashed.”



Veronica (2017, Spain) Review

Veronica (2017)

When Netflix dropped Spanish director Paco Plaza’s new film Veronica earlier this year, I doubt even they predicted it would get the attention it’s had? Some people have dubbed it “the scariest film ever!” and it’s supposedly based on a real events, so naturally I had to check it out to see what all the fuss was about. I’m a fan of Plaza’s [•REC] movie so I knew he would cook up some decent scares.

The story is set in Madrid in 1991 and focuses on teenager Veronica.

“Someone answered your call.”