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Examining Superhero Films Pre-The Avengers (2012)

Examining Superhero Films Pre-The Avengers (2012)

More superhero films now hit our cinema screens after the success of The Avengers (2012), and financially most of them make a killing. However, they are not without their detractors, pointing out how they are formulaic and lacking depth. But what about the superhero films before the post-2012 boom?

“With great power comes great responsibility.”



Avengers Assemble (2012, USA)

Avengers Assemble (2012)

So who would take on such a hot potato and risk everything to bring The Avengers to the big screen? Who has the expertise of pulling together a group of miss-matched characters and forming them into a fighting force? Who has the support and the knowledge of these fanboys and girls, to keep them happy? None other than the geek god himself, Joss Whedon. However, with great power, come great responsibility; so does he pull it off and bring the culmination of these 5 films together and bring a movie that the fans deserve and want?

“Superheroes? In New York? Give me a break!”



Ant-Man (2015, USA)

Ant-Man (2015) Theatrical PosterEvery successive Marvel adaptation seems to be compelled to up the ante by treating us to a pyrotechnic display while guys in mechanical suits punch the hell out of the villains. Er…having said that, Ant-Man is a movie where a couple of guys in mechanical suits punch the hell out of each other but, just in case we have become a little jaded by that particular spectacle, this movie at least attempts to send itself up.

“Heroes don’t get any bigger.”