Faces of Death II (1981, USA)

Faces of Death II (1981) VHS Cover

After the unexpected success of the original Faces of Death John Alan Schwartz began working on his second mondo feature; Faces of Death II.

Like it’s 1978 predecessor Faces of Death II, was written and directed by John Alan Schwartz under the pseudonyms ‘Alan Black’ and ‘Conan Le Cilaire’ respectively. Michael Carr also returns to narrate the proceedings as Dr. Francis B. Gröss.

“When make believe is just not enough!”



Faces of Death (1978, USA) Review

Faces of Death (1978) VHS Cover

The Original Faces of Death, as it would later be known as, is a controversial pseudo-documentary on death containing real stock footage of accidents, suicides, autopsies, and executions. But, when the stock footage was unable to tell the entire story, the filmmakers created scenes of staged violence, editing it together to create a coherent narrative.

“During the past 20 years I know that my compulsion to understand death was much greater than just an obsession. My dreams have dictated my mission. But now it is time to witness the final moment, to discover the circle that forever repeats ifself. The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? I’ll leave that decision to you.”