CultFilms Presents the 4K Restoration of Marco Ferreri’s THE APE WOMAN on Blu-ray & Digital (UK / 11 October)

CultFilms Presents the 4K Restoration of Marco Ferreri's THE APE WOMAN on Blu-ray & Digital (UK /11 October)

From Marco Ferreri, perhaps best known for the wildly sensational satire La Grande Bouffe, CultFilms is proud to present one of the director’s earliest and most controversial films, The Ape Woman (1964). Deemed too challenging for the 1964 Cannes Film Festival, an alternative ‘happy’ ending was created for the festival that eventually went on to pick up a Palme d’Or nomination that year. For this world first ever Blu-ray release, CultFilms presents Ferreri’s own original edit now shown complete and uncut.

“No other woman looked like her, felt like her, loved like her…”



CultFilms Presents Liliana Cavani’s THE NIGHT PORTER 4K Restoration on Blu-ray and Digital (30 November)

CultFilms is proud to present the 4K restoration of Liliana Cavani’s provocative classic The Night Porter (1974), with brand new extras that explore the film’s controversial history and make it ripe for re-assessment. The Night Porter has been controversial since its initial release in 1974. Now, Liliana Cavani’s story of obsessive passion and tragic destiny is presented in this definitive 4K restoration, overseen by Cavani herself and finally doing justice to her challenging and extraordinary vision.

“The most controversial picture of our time!”



One Deadly Summer (1983, France) CultFilms Dual Format Blu-ray/DVD Review

One Deadly Summer (1983)

Based upon Sébastien Japrisot’s 1977 novel of the same name, L’Été meurtrier – or as it is known in English speaking territories, One Deadly Summer – stars Isabelle Adjani as Eliane “Elle” Wieck; a troubled young woman who settles with her family into the small rural town in the south of France.

“All he wants is to get her stupid knickers off, and all that she wants is that he manages. And that he doesn’t get his fingers caught in the zip. Just to forget for a moment that he is the son… of that piece of shit bastard father of his.”



CultFilms presents Isabelle Adjani in ONE DEADLY SUMMER on Dual Format Blu-ray/DVD 29 July

CultFilms presents Isabelle Adjani in ONE DEADLY SUMMER on Dual Format Blu-ray/DVD 29 July

With more Cesar Awards to her name than any other French actor and a host of Academy Award nominations, Isabelle Adjani is perhaps the most celebrated French screen star of all time. In 1983 she hit a career defining high, in Jean Becker’s much-lauded crime classic One Deadly Summer (L’Été meurtrier), a potent blend of neo-noir and erotic thriller that picked up four Cesar Awards including Best Actress for Adjani.

“What do you want? To find out which of the bastards was your father?”