CREEP Collection: Part 1 🐺 Now Available from Cavity Colors

CREEP Collection Now Available from Cavity Colors

Peachfuzz, the friendly wolf 🐺 has informed me that Cavity Colors have released their first licensed collection for the cult horror Creep; including three t-shirt designs, a one size fits most ‘Dad Hat’, and a ‘Peachfuzz’ enamel pin.

“You know, that moment I scared you in the woods? There was murder in your eyes, but it was like… you’re not ready to accept that yet, and I want to encourage you to embrace your inner wolf. So, take the knife, and don’t be afraid to murder…”



“Mind the Doors!” Death Line and the Best of London-set Horror

"Mind the Doors!" Death Line and the Best of London-set Horror

London has inspired countless horror films over the years. Its historic streets have long whispered their macabre stories into the ears of willing film directors, who base their tales of terror in England’s eerie capital. Whether it’s vicious serial killers or undead hordes, London has always provided a spectacular backdrop to films that go bump in the night.

“Beneath modern London, buried alive in its plague-ridden tunnels lives a tribe of once humans. Neither men nor women, they are less than animals… they are the raw meat of the human race!”