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Anarchic Comedy BOYZ IN THE WOOD Launches (7 August) Worldwide on Amazon Prime Video

Set deep in the Scottish Highlands, Boyz in the Wood is an anarchic cocktail of generational politics, hip-hop loving farmers, and hallucinogenic rabbit shites. Boyz in the Wood launches 7 August worldwide on Amazon Prime Video.

“I’ve never seen a murder before… I’m homeschooled.”


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MANOS RETURNS Now Available on Amazon Prime Video

Manos Returns

A sequel to the cult classic Manos: The Hands of Fate, Manos Returns focuses on a group of hapless travelers who get lost on a road trip and stumble into the sinister world of Valley Lodge. Manos: The Hands of Fate premiered in 1966, was immortalized by Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and is considered by many to be the worst movie of all time.

“You shall have a new master. Praise be to Manos!”


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Hilarious Comedy/Horror GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE Available Now on Amazon Prime

Hilarious Comedy/Horror GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE Now Available on Amazon Prime!

Just in time for Halloween, Gregory Blair’s award-winning screwball comedy meets slasher spoof Garden Party Massacre is now available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime. The film has won handfuls of awards on the festival circuit. Currently available only on DVD and Blu-ray, the Amazon Prime debut will be the premiere chance to see the film on VOD. Beloved by audiences and critics alike, the fun begins when a friendly backyard gathering goes hilariously awry as an unexpected guest arrives…with a pickaxe…and an attitude…

“Some people are the death of the party.”