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Indicator September 2018 Blu-ray Titles

On 24 September, Indicator presents four dark and disturbing tales, each featuring some of Britain’s most iconic acting talents. First, two films starring Terence Stamp: John Fowles’ twisted classic The Collector (1965); and the Frankenstein-inspired Amicus sci-fi/horror The Mind of Mr. Soames (1970). Also in September, Indicator presents the UK Blu-ray premiere of Anthony Page’s underrated mystery-thriller Absolution (1978); and Jamil Dehlavi’s hallucinatory mystical-horror film Born of Fire (1987).

“Can this baby kill?”



Ringu and Hausu Japanese Horror Double Bill at Liverpool Small Cinema

Small Cinema Liverpool - Ringu + Hausu - Japanese Horror Double Bill

In the United Kingdom, Liverpool Small Cinema presents an iconic Japanese horror double bill: Hideo Nakata’s Ringu (1998) and Nobuhiko Obayashi’s Hausu (1977).

“To try and narrow down a selection of Japanese horror films, which cover all things psychological, supernatural, explicit and mythological, is no easy task however, so we felt that the programme would need to reflect the full scale of myths, folk and ghost tales that have dominated Japanese culture for centuries.”