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Giving DTV Action Films a Better Rep

Nemesis (1992)

Back in the late 80s/early 90s I was not allowed to watch the many horror films that adorned the plastic shelving of my local video store. Some might say that is wise parenting, considering I was only 5 or 6 at the time. But strangely action films were deemed ok to view (such as substandard fare from Cannon Pictures and Guild Video).

“Look, there’s a lot of us working to make a bad world better. Remember that.”


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Guyver: Dark Hero (1994, USA)

Guyver: Dark Hero (1994) VHS CoverOf all the bad films I have had the guilty pleasure (and at times displeasure) to watch, none have be as sentimentally close to me as Steve Wang’s live action take on the Japanese Manga; Guyver. A sequel to 1991’s The Guyver (itself a mediocre Americanized take on the source material), Guyver: Dark Hero was everything its predecessor should have been. Granted many might think this is just Power Rangers with blood and gore, but for its minuscule budget it contains impressive practical effects and brilliantly choreographed wirework.

“The Zoanoids weren’t the failed experiment. The Guyvers were. The aliens created the Guyvers to fight their wars for them. The humans rebeled. Out of control. The Guyver is nothing more than a weapon…”



Bloodsucking Freaks (1976) 88 Films 2014 Blu-ray

Dom O’Brien reviews the 88 Films Blu-ray release Bloodsucking Freaks (1976), directed by Joel M. Reed.

This is the first time it has been released uncut in Britain and its certainly a first for a Blu-ray release. Bloodsucking Freaks is an exploitation film truly needs to be seen even if you only have a passing interest in the exploitation genre. Now, are you all sitting uncomfortably? Good, then we shall get on with the review of this piece of bad film brilliance.

“Oh yes! Now we’re getting the proper reaction.” PRESS PLAY ►


Knightriders (1981) Arrow Video BD/DVD

After they’re triumphant run on the previous Mario Bava releases, Arrow Video is back once again to tempt the cult film fans. This time fans are treated to an even more rare release (at least on British shores) with the strangely heartfelt story of Knightriders. The film follows a makeshift community of Renaissance performers as they struggle to earn a living, avoid despicable police officer and come to terms with their leader whose slowly starting to loose the plot. PRESS PLAY ►


Subspecies (1991) / Bloodstone: Subspecies II (1993) 88 Films BD

Let’s be honest, vampires have become something of a joke among horror aficionados of late. What with the horrifying (for all the wrong reasons) tween saga that’s been taking the multiplex by storm these last few years – it seems vampires just don’t have the right credibility anymore. That is until you decide to revisit Ted Nicolaou’s camp B-Movie film series – Subspecies. PRESS PLAY ►


Deadly Blessing (1981)

Deadly Blessing (1981) Arrow Blu-ray

Dom is back with yet another Arrow Video release. This time he is tackling Wes Craven’s folk-horror feature — but is it a case
of too many ideas and poor execution? Head on inside and see what Dom makes of this Hi-Def release.

So far coutry life with crazy locals and set in Amish Country, at a local farm, where a woman’s husband is mysteriously killed by his own tractor? Head on inside … PRESS PLAY ►


Lisa And The devil (1974)

Lisa And The Devil (1974) From Arrow Video

A treasure-trove of strangeness awaits viewers in Lisa and the Devil (along with its re-edited American version, House of Exorcism) the second of Arrow Video’s Mario Bava releases this month. Containing the same nightmarish,dreamlike narrative that punctuates through Bava’s later work – Lisa and the Devil is a surrealistic feast of bizarre perversion.

So for Dom’s look at this strange slice of Italian horror, head inside now… PRESS PLAY ►


Black Sunday (1960)

Black Sunday (1960) From Arrow Video

Known by many but seen by few, Mario Bava’s macabre gothic euro horror is finally hitting UK shores this February (from Arrow Video). This is the first time that Black Sunday (La maschera del demonio) has been available on either DVD or Blu-Ray in England, and the package looks like a set that has been crafted for the fans.

So head on inside to read Dom’s review on the great slice of gothic horror… PRESS PLAY ►


Three times the Myers, three times the Halloween

Halloween (1978)

In 1978 the face of horror changed forever with the release of John Carpenters seminal classic, Halloween. Now
with trick or treating fast approaching, Dom brings us his take on the 3 Halloween films that are closest to his heart. Its 3 times the Halloween and 3 times the Myers! He’s back once again and this time he’s brought a friend home.

Head on inside for Dom’s great look back over his favourite Halloween films … PRESS PLAY ►