Almighty Thor (2011, USA)

Almighty Thor (2011)

The Asylum film company is pretty famous in certain cinematic circles as the company that puts out knock offs based on blockbuster hits. Snakes on a Plane became Snakes on a Train, while Transformers became Transmorphers! When they do it right, The Asylum are capable of crafting hilarious pieces of cinematic cheese. But when they do it wrong, boy do they mess up! Almighty Thor falls into the later category. It is heartbreaking when a film that could have been a trash classic falls so far from the mark. The budget was obviously an issue.

“The legend is born!”



Knucklehead (2010)

Adam Carl Parker-Edmondston reviews Knucklehead (2010), directed by Michael W. Watkins.

I tend not to start articles off with a sigh, but if I was going to start it in this manner then it would be with a WWE Studios movie. The films they finance with other companies seem to come off slightly better, but when left to their own devices the WWE team go out of control.

“I will take you on the road; you will be a ruthless killer!” PRESS PLAY ►

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Ring of Steel (1994)

Our newest contributor Adam Carl Parker-Edmondston reviews Ring of Steel (1994), directed by David Frost.

Recently dumped from his sword fighting job Alex Freyer is at a low ebb after killing an opponent accidentally in combat tournament. Luckily his sadness is short lived as the mysterious man in black offers him a job at his club the ring of steel, where it’s no hold barred sword fighting with no rules and money on the line. Some great fight scenes mixed with some fun acting makes this a great pop corn flick to settle down to when you fancy a change from watching Bloodsport.