Welcome Villain’s Survival Horror HUNT HER, KILL HER In USA Theatres Nationwide (3 March)

Welcome Villain's Survival Horror HUNT HER, KILL HER In Theatres Nationwide (3 March)

Welcome Villain has announced their first acquisition: the festival survival horror hit, Hunt Her, Kill Her (formerly Night Shift). Directed by Ryan Thiessen and Greg Swinson, Hunt Her, Kill Her premiered at the Chattanooga Film Festival and garnered nominations from several genre film fests, including HorrorHound and Chicago Horror Film Festival.

Hunt Her, Kill Her follows a lone night shift janitor during her first night on the job who finds herself in an unexpected fight for survival when she becomes the target of sinister masked intruders. As their disturbing motives become clearer, she must use her crafty instincts and barbaric violence to make it through the night alive. Shot on location in a working furniture factory in Morristown, Tennessee, Natalie Terrazzino stars as the lead, facing off against JC Oakley III, who plays the film’s villain.

Welcome Villain's Survival Horror HUNT HER, KILL HER In Theatres Nationwide (3 March)

Following the acquisition, the Welcome Villain team partnered with the production team behind the film, Trauma One Entertainment, to give the filmmakers the resources they needed to complete the film as originally envisioned. Festival-goers who screened the film last year will be in for a treat with an intense, heart-pounding thrill ride. Filmmakers Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen say:

“We poured years of blood, sweat and tears into making Hunt Her, Kill Her the most thrilling experience it can be, and we’re so excited that our film has found a team to support a proper release and get it in front of audiences nationwide. Welcome Villain is the perfect partner for Hunt Her, Kill Her. Like us, they are passionate about genre films and committed to getting this in front of the widest possible audience.”

Embraced by genre audiences from its multiple festival appearances over the past year, Welcome Villain is distributing Hunt Her, Kill Her in the United States with a nationwide theatrical release on 3 March.

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