Spree (2020, USA) Review

Spree (2020, USA) Review

Spree (2020) | Directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko

Colour | 93 Minutes

Written by Eugene Kotlyarenko, Gene McHugh | Starring Joe Keery, Sasheer Zamata, David Arquette

Spree (2020, USA) Review

15 (BBFC)

Ladies and gentlemen start your engines and prepare to burn rubber for contemporary comedy-horror Spree. Honk, Honk! Spree stars Joe Keery as Kurt Kunkle, an obsessed boy who wishes to be a popular social media influencer like his idols Bobby Basecamp (Joshua Ovalle) and Jesse Adams (Sasheer Zamata). The only problem is he has a limited audience watching his channel as he is an excruciatingly dull person. He has tried everything to get noticed on YouTube, like playing video games, promoting shoes, and doing tutorials. But none of those are helping him in getting his foot through the social media door.

Then one day Kurt comes up with a foolproof way of going viral. His last chance to be noticed. He fits his car with numerous GoPro cameras and begins a new live-stream entitled, ‘The Lesson’, instructing his viewers on how to become famous on social media. Using a rideshare app called Spree, Kurt live-streams himself picking up passengers and killing them with poison, running them over, or through other creative methods, such as using an electric drill piercing through a woman’s skull. This movie will dive into the dangerous and dark mind of an obsessed Kurt and into the darkest reaches of the web.

Spree (2020, USA) Review

The main thing I really love about this movie is how realistic the direction and cinematography are. According to Joe Keery, he recorded himself for the opening sequence with an iPhone. A great team player and I really applaud his work ethic here. Another reason I love this movie is the level of detail. Whilst building the character of Kurt Kunkle, director/writer Eugene Kotlyarenko and Joe Keery watched cringe compilations and videos from internet personalities without a big following. Kotlyarenko also wrote all the usernames and comments that appear throughout the movie. I’m really impressed with how much work Kotlyarenko has put into creating his film.

Spree also stars David Arquette (Scream) as Kurt’s non-caring Dad, Sasheer Zamata as famous comedian Jesse Adams, Josh Ovalle as internet celebrity Bobby Basecamp, and Sunny Kim as DJ uNo. Unlike other movies that deal with social media – like Countdown, Friend Request, and Unfriended – Spree is very relatable and believable. This movie serves as a cautionary tale on how far one would go to be famous on the internet.

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