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Century Media Records & Troma Entertainment Present SANGUISUGABOGG’s “Menstrual Envy” Music Video

Century Media Records & Troma Entertainment Present SANGUISUGABOGG's "Menstrual Envy" Music Video

“Greetings from Tromaville!”

When Ohio death metallers Sanguisugabogg (Latin for “bloodsucker”) were looking to do a music video for their song “Menstrual Envy”, they knew the perfect place to turn to was Troma Entertainment!!!

Directed and edited by Seby X Martinez (Editor: Shakespeare’s Shitstorm), and produced by Thom DeMicco (Shakespeare’s Shitstorm, Mutant Blast), “Menstrual Envy” is classic Troma fun with a fresh new sound!!! Executive produced by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz.

Sanguisugabogg’s forthcoming album, Tortured Whole, will be released 26th March via Century Media.

John Ferri

John Ferri is the director of sales and marketing for Troma Entertainment.