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TERROR FILMS Wants to Know... What is Your IRRATIONAL FEAR?

Terror Films has acquired the worldwide digital rights to Hunter Johnson’s Irrational Fear. The story centers around six therapy patients who are brought together at a secluded cabin. Here, they confront their strangest fears; including germs, bugs, drowning, choking and losing teeth, to name just a few. But these fears won’t just hurt them…they may very well kill them!

TERROR FILMS Wants to Know... What is Your IRRATIONAL FEAR?

The cast includes scream queen Jennifer Nangle (Malvolia: The Queen of Screams), Baker Chase Powell (Dolemite is My Name), Charles Chudabala (Ugly Sweater Party), Leah Wiseman (Dismembering Christmas), Kaleb Shorey (Shameless), Guy Holling (Love in the Time of Irony), Cati Glidewell (Gags the Clown) and Dane Bingenheimer (Those Who Deserve to Die).

Executive producer Kevin Sommerfield co-wrote the script with Johnson, who also produced alongside Chris Gierowski and Jay Sorenson. The film is set to hit digital platforms Friday, 24th July. The digital roll-out will expand over several months and include: Tubi TV, Amazon Prime, Roku, Watch Movies Now, Google Play, Kings of Horror on Youtube, and many more.

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