Win a Role in Troma’s Upcoming Film from Mercedes the Muse: DIVIDE & CONQUER! Subscribe to Troma Now! Alter Your State of Mind!

Win a Role in Troma's Upcoming Film from Mercedes the Muse: DIVIDE & CONQUER! Subscribe to Troma Now!

“Greetings from Tromaville!”

For the past 46 years, Troma has been able to keep up the fight for reel independence solely thanks to our very energetic fans. To show how deeply the Troma Team appreciate all your love and support, especially during such a serious worldwide crisis, we have decided to help combat coronavirus by giving a little back to the fans!

One lucky winner will get a chance to appear on screen as a Newscaster in Troma’s upcoming Divide & Conquer, the latest fanTOXIC film from actor/writer/director triple threat, Mercedes the Muse! All paid members and free trial subscribers to Troma Now are eligible! If you haven’t already taken advantage of Troma Now’s first free month, then now is the perfect time! All you have to do is create a 15-20 second promo for Troma Now, that’s it!

The grand prize winner will have the opportunity to work alongside the multi-talented Mercedes the Muse (Rose & Viktor: No Mercy, Hellfire), a pot infused dinner with Lloyd Kaufman, and a chance to become a part of Troma history! Two runner-ups will each receive a theatrical poster of The Toxic Avenger, signed and personalized by Lloyd Kaufman! All three winners can also potentially have the chance to see their promo appear on Troma Now, YouTube, Troma screenings, and various other outlets!

Entries will be open until May 20th, 2020 at midnight and winners will be announced two weeks after submissions end! Any interested participants should send your promos to!

Good Luck, stay safe, and wash and watch Troma Now for some TROMAzing new additions, such as Taste Me: Death-scort Service Part 3, Hot Lead Hard Fury, Sex Terrorists on Wheels, Horror Nights and more uncensored, independent content can be found only at

Win a Role in Troma's Upcoming Film from Mercedes the Muse: DIVIDE & CONQUER! Subscribe to Troma Now!

There’s a killer on the loose in Chris Woods’ Taste Me: Death-scort Service Part 3 and they’re strangling hookers mostly from an escort service called Tasty Chicks. Police are on the case and are trying to track down the killer. Meanwhile a drifter is picked up by one of the hookers after he saves her from an abusive john. He is brought back to their whorehouse after he was shot by the john and is nursed back to health. He is offered a job to protect the girls from the killer targeting them. But he soon discovers something is strange going on in the house and there is more of a threat than just the strangler on the loose.

1977: Industrial ghetto Steel City is under siege from organized crime, corruption, and a new synthetic drug called Voodoo Blue in Mike Olafson’s Hot Lead Hard Fury. When news of a drug sting leaks to the wrong people, Detective Cal Beefer becomes a casualty – despite the protection of veteran cop Solomon Link (Ron Van Clief, Way of the Black Dragon, Death of Bruce Lee). When big brother Chuck Beefer comes to town, he wants answers! Chuck – once a cop himself – seeks to find the source of the leak and apprehend the killer and leading dealer of voodoo blue, a man named Afro Steele.

Win a Role in Troma's Upcoming Film from Mercedes the Muse: DIVIDE & CONQUER! Subscribe to Troma Now!

Beefer delves deep into the seedy underworld of Steel City where he encounters Karate hit men, torturous drug lords, and a team of lovely yet lethal ladies known as the Sisters of Sin. On his quest for vengeance, Beefer realizes just how far up the chain of corruption goes and how truly against the odds he is, in this gritty and stylish immersion into “grindhouse” cinema from the 1970s! Custom Vans, smoking guns, and blazing fists of vengeance!

From the writers and producers of the horror anthology, Paranoia Tapes, Slimoids, Rust, That Night, The Immortal Wars and the upcoming, very first ever Christian horror film, Rapture Tapes, comes a brand new cinematic horror anthology that will be sure to send chills down your spine: Jack Hunter’s Horror Nights. Join Malvolia – The Queen of Screams – as she introduces you to highest quality of horror from seven filmmakers from around the world. Get ready, sit back, and do not watch alone!

Win a Role in Troma's Upcoming Film from Mercedes the Muse: DIVIDE & CONQUER! Subscribe to Troma Now!

When a biker gang terrorizes Esperanza County in Stefan Ruf’s Sex Terrorists on Wheels, Enyo, a Texas Ranger undercover as a bad-ass outlaw biker babe, teams up with old Ezra, the blind-sniper hermit and his seeing-eye coyote, Max. Together they bring their reign of terror to a bloody end.

A masked killer, lead by a demon, stalks the residents of Carterville in Casey LeBleu’s Terror in the Scream. A movie set attacked by monsters. Who do you turn to? The black guy killed 1st in every scary movie in Don P. Hooper’s Page One! A strange man named “Mould” wanders his industrial neighborhood collecting the corpses of his Seagull friends after they’ve been run over by cars and trucks. He gives them a proper send off and muses on the significance of loss, life and death in Colin Duerr’s Fool’s Paradise. And from Tony Savero: Two men and the different experiences they have on their way to the same mysterious destination in Out of the Family. It’s not always “opportunity” knocking in Don’t Open the Door. A mysterious woman practices her tribal rituals… and she’s not alone in Woman from the Woods.

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