Super7 x ALIENS ReAction Figures Now Available


Landing in the Super7 ReAction Figures world are the Xenomorph Warriors awaiting Ripley and the Marines on Acheron (LV-426). The figures are brand new sculpts based on the Xenomorph Warrior from everyone’s favorite Alien sequel. Terrifying!

The colors of these Alien Warrior ReAction Figures were inspired by the original Alien Warrior costumes used in the filming of Aliens. There were 9 different colored suits used in the movie and these represent 3 of them (Midnight Black, Dusk Brown, and Nightfall Blue) and each figure has a different terrifying pose.

Joining the Xenomorph Warriors are the reluctant hero Ripley, the sole survivor of Hadley’s Hope Newt, the synthetic Executive Officer Bishop, the combat hardened trooper Hicks, the smart ass trooper Hudson, and the badass trooper Vasquez! All come with special features or accessories, with Newt slightly smaller in height to be in scale with the others. Bishop features pull apart attack damage!

Super7 x Aliens ReAction Figures are on sale now at

Ken Wynne

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