Unfortunate Tales from Planet B #8 ▷ Halloween

Unfortunate Tales from Planet B

Unfortunate Tales from Planet B is a webcomic inspired by VHS cult classics! ▷

PANEL 1. MICHAEL MYERS stands perfectly still within a glass cabinet; dressed in his iconic navy blue boiler suit. Partially unmasked, a Captain Kirk mask with larger eyeholes, spray-painted white, sits atop Michael’s head, just above his eyebrows. Michael’s facial features are reminiscent of Nick Castle (circa 1978); his hair dark brown. Leaning slighting forward, Michael’s right hand is lifted towards the mask, holding a can of Dr. Pepper towards the mask’s mouth. In his left hand is a kitchen knife. A carved, illuminated pumpkin leans against his feet. The floor inside the cabinet is covered in autumn leaves. Surrounding the glass cabinet is barrier posts and rope to protect the exhibit. A silver plaque on the glass cabinet reads: Nick Castle, donated by John Carpenter in 1978.


PANEL 2. Michael Myers stands perfectly still in the same position within the glass cabinet. His appearance suggests that he has aged 40 years; his hair has turned grey and he now has a moustache. The latex mask is now cracked and worn, and the paint has yellowed over time; whilst the silver plaque is scratched and the pumpkin has partially rotted away.


PANEL 3. A wide shot of the room reveals that the cabinet sits within a museum full of patrons. The exhibit to the left of Michael Myers displays the skeletal remains of Godzilla (circa 1954).

Written by Ken Wynne ⚡ Illustrated by Rik Jackson

Unfortunate Tales from Planet B #8 ▷ Halloween

Ken Wynne ⚡ Rik Jackson

"10 Seconds: The Pain Begins. 15 Seconds: You Can't Breathe. 20 Seconds: You Explode."