Dead Celebrities (2018, UK) Review

Dead Celebrities (2018) | Directed by Michael Fausti

Written by Michael Fausti | Starring Michael Fausti, Mathew Bayliss, Louise Nosbod


Dead Celebrities (2018, UK)


Meet Mick, he’s a psychopath who wants to be famous and he’s found a way of achieving his dream – but Mick is no ordinary killer, he knows a secret. A secret he shares with Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Judy Garland, and other dead celebrities.

When I read the above log line for this short I expected it to be longer but the story is still great despite the brevity (10 mins approx). Dead Celebrities is misleading, with the narrator Mick (Michael Fausti) seeming like he has a fetish for dead celebrities, or at the least, a conspiracy theorist with his tales of a get famous quick scheme. However, as the story unfolds there are attempts to make his tale seem credible. The documentary format and photography definitely helps to make it seem historic and authoritative.

This is a low budget short so the Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, and other celebrity impersonators are unrealistic, but the limited use of gore and great use of locations – mostly bathrooms but also the creepy Carpathian Mountains – are what sets it apart from other low budget films.

Dead Celebrities (2018, UK) Review

Only two actors have speaking roles but this is Mick’s film as he’s imposing, eerie and sinister; not just in his voice but his mannerisms. His attempt to convince both us and his workmate Joe (Matthew Bayliss) of the dark practice behind being famous is slightly plausible. Or at least the narrator believes it, which is scary in itself as the power of belief can make people do horrid things. Overall, this is a great low budget short with an interesting documentary style and an amazing narrator.

David Jenkins