Unfortunate Tales from Planet B #6 ▷ Day of the Dead

Unfortunate Tales from Planet B

Unfortunate Tales from Planet B is a webcomic inspired by VHS cult classics! ▷

PANEL 1. Nearby an abandoned sports department store lies a skeleton wearing a hockey mask and a green shirt. A machete is embedded in its skull and cuts into one side of the mask. The sun is shining brightly. In the foreground, CAPTAIN RHODES is giggling as DR. TONGUE grabs his shoulders, attempting to eat his brains; his tongue drooping against Rhoads’ forehead. Rhoads wears his black hair slicked back, olive-green overalls, machine gun ammo across his chest, and an empty holster to his right. Dr. Tongue wears a bloodstained brown suit and red tie; his grey hair messy and thin; his eyebrows non-existent; and his skin a yellowish grey colour. The face of Dr. Tongue is cut and bloodied from a shotgun blast; his jaw completely removed; and only a few of his upper teeth remain.


PANEL 2. Stepping back, Rhoads grabs his balls with his left hand and holds a middle finger up with his right hand; a huge grin on his face. Dr. Tongue, visibly angered, clenches his fists; drool dripping from his hanging tongue.


PANEL 3. With tremendous force, Dr. Tongue rips Rhoads’ balls from his groin with his bare hands. This forces causes copious amounts of blood and entrails to spill out onto the floor. Rhoads’ eyes are wide with surprise; his mouth open, screaming, as blood drips down his chin.


Written by Ken Wynne ⚡ Illustrated by Rik Jackson

Unfortunate Tales from Planet B #5 ▷ Day of the Dead

Ken Wynne ⚡ Rik Jackson

"10 Seconds: The Pain Begins. 15 Seconds: You Can't Breathe. 20 Seconds: You Explode."