Nuns Kick Ass & Kill Demons in EXORSISTERS

Nuns Kick Ass & Kill Demons in EXORSISTERS

“Greetings from Tromaville!”

Written and directed by Pearson Jenks & Nickon Hemati, Exorsisters is a three episode web series from Troma Entertainment, the longest running independent film studio in America, available on their YouTube Channel, Troma Movies.

Starring Kira McCarthy, Rebecca Carton, Moira McCormick, and Andy Bustillos, Exorsisters is the story of Sister Kristen, who was banned from the church after warning people about a rise in demonic possessions.

Now needing to make money, she moves home and bands together with two other expelled-nuns, Sisters Mary and Svetlana, to destroy demons for profit. And just as they’re getting started they get a visit from Jesus Christ, who’s been sent from Heaven to figure out what the hell is going on down on Earth.

Ken Wynne

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