Two Jolting Collections of Horror! CREEPSHOW & THE EVIL DEAD Merchandise from Fright-Rags

CREEPSHOW VHS-Inspired Box Sets & THE EVIL DEAD Trading Cards from Fright-Rags

For many, the 1980s were all about horror movies, VHS tapes, comic books, and trading cards. Fright-Rags manages to pay tribute to all of these nostalgic elements with its new collections for George A. Romero’s Creepshow and Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead.

The Creepshow collection kicks off with a Creepshow ‘Video Series’ box set. Limited to 225, the package includes an exclusive t-shirt featuring the film’s original poster art by Joann Daley, ‘The Creep’ two-piece enamel pin set, a VHS sticker sheet, and Fright-Rags microwave popcorn; all packaged in a collector’s box that looks like an oversized Creepshow VHS.

Fright-Rags has also created ‘Fluffy’ mini-masks. Based on Tom Savini’s creature from Creepshow’s ‘The Crate’ segment, each 6″ retro-style mask is packaged in a cardboard crate box. It’s available in two colorways: standard (limited to 300) and red/blue (limited to 200), which emulates the film’s comic book-inspired lighting.

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“You know what Henry? You’re a regular barnyard exhibit. Sheep’s eyes, chicken guts, piggy friends… and SHIT for BRAINS!”

The massive Creepshow collection also offers an enamel pin from each of the anthology’s five segments, custom-knit comic panel-style socks, Joann Daley’s artwork on baseball tees, and a reprint of Justin Osbourn’s bestselling Creepshow t-shirt.

Fright-Rags expands its line of wax packs with official The Evil Dead movie photo cards. Each pack contains nine trading cards and one sticker; with sketch cards and other chase cards randomly inserted. They’re available in single packs, factory boxes, and sealed boxes.

Creepshow collection and The Evil Dead wax packs are on sale now at

CREEPSHOW VHS-Inspired Box Sets & THE EVIL DEAD Trading Cards from Fright-Rags

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