HOLLOW MAN and HOLLOW MAN II on Collector’s Edition UK Blu-ray 27 May from 88 Films

HOLLOW MAN and HOLLOW MAN II on Special Edition UK Blu-ray 22 April from 88 Films

From the mind of visionary director Paul Verhoeven (RoboCop / Starship Troopers) come two tales of transparent terror! In Hollow Man, a team of scientists – the ambitious Dr. Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon – Apollo 13 / Tremors), his ex-girlfriend Linda (Elisabeth Shue – Back to the Future Part II & III) and colleague Matt (Josh Brolin – Avengers: Infinity War) – have developed a ground-breaking serum for invisibility. Desperate to take their research to the next level, Caine volunteers himself as a test subject with horrifying results…

HOLLOW MAN and HOLLOW MAN II on Collector's Edition UK Blu-ray 22 April from 88 Films

Hollow Man II tells the story of Michael Griffin (Christian Slater – Mr. Robot), an invisible assassin gone haywire. Facing a slow death unless he receives a life-saving antidote, it’s down to biologist Maggie Dalton (Laura Regan – Dead Silence) and homicide detective Frank Turner (Peter Facinelli – The Twilight Saga) to take whatever measures necessary to apprehend this unseeable menace…

HOLLOW MAN and HOLLOW MAN II on Collector's Edition UK Blu-ray 22 April from 88 Films

Featuring Oscar-nominated special effects, adrenaline-pumping suspense, and provocative commentary on the nature of power and corruption, Hollow Man and Hollow Man II are ripe for reappraisal with this lavish collector’s edition box set from 88 Films!

Edition Contents:

  • Limited edition (3000) slipcase enclosed fold-out digipack, with new paintings from acclaimed artist Jeremy Pailler
  • Extensive 52-page booklet with notes by film journalists Dave Wain and Matty Budrewicz

Special Features:

Disc One: Hollow Man (Director’s Cut)

  • HBO First Look Special – Hollow Man: Anatomy of a Thriller Featurette
  • Fleshing Out the Hollow Man: Behind-the-Scenes – including an interview with Paul Verhoeven – Hollywood’s Mad Scientist, The Invisibility Formula, The Muscle Man, The Human Bubble, Thermal Imaging, The Smoke Guy, The Gorilla Suit, The Mask, Flaming Sebastian, Elevator Finale, Ape Reversion Storyboards, The Underground Lab, Reversion Progressions, Invisibility Progressions, and Digital Body Parts Montage
  • VFX Picture-In-Picture Comparisons: including Kramer’s Death, Sprinkler Attack, and Sebastian’s Demise

Disc Two: Hollow Man (Theatrical Cut)

  • Disappearing Act: The Genre Jaunts of Paul Verhoeven; an interview with critic Kim Newman about the Hollow Man legacy and the career of director Paul Verhoeven
  • Hollow Man Trailer

Disc Three: Hollow Man II

  • Inside Hollow Man II featurette
  • Storyboard Comparison
  • Visual FX Comparison
  • Hollow Man II Trailer

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