Kiss goodbye to Wales! HUMANOIDS FROM OUTER SPACE Chapter 4 & 5

Siôn Griffiths’ Humanoids from Outer Space – an homage to the atomic age of cinema on the Los Anglesey YouTube channel – continues with Chapter 4: The Chief that Fell to Earth and Chapter 5: The Day Wales Stood Still.

Following Chapter 3: Attack of the Humanoids, Agent Lugosi has mutated into a humanoid and threatens to terrorise Wales. It is up to The Chief and Dr. Wood (of the US Military Science Division) to stop the Lugosi and these humanoids from outer space before they kill again. For if they succeed, they will enter a cocoon state and emerge as replicas of their former selves; undetectable as “little green men”.

Welshsploitation Humanoids from Outer Space was screened in its entirety at Balaclafa Carn, in Caernarfon, Gwynedd on Halloween. Welsh presenter Gerallt Pennant – dressed up as a humanoid – also interviewed director Siôn Griffiths from within Balaclafa Carn for S4C’s Heno Halloween Special.

Kiss Goodbye to Wales! HUMANOIDS FROM OUTER SPACE Chapter 4 & 5

Ken Wynne

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