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30th Anniversary PUMPKINHEAD Collection 🎃 Now Available from Cavity Colors

30th Anniversary PUMPKINHEAD Collection from Cavity Colors

Be prepared for hell to break loose with Cavity Colors’ licensed Pumpkinhead 30th anniversary collection; including a retro style ‘Demon of Revenge’ design by Steven Rhodes – inspired by Deadstock late 80s/early 90s horror movie t-shirts – and Devon Whitehead’s gorgeous take on the towering ‘Pumpkinhead’!

Celebrating 30 years of the grim fairy tale Cavity Colors have also released killer, officially licensed enamel pins that are cruel, devious, and pure as venom! 🎃

Don’t be a fool like Ed Harley! Cavity Colors’ 30th Anniversary Pumpkinhead collection is on sale now at “I’m gonna send it back to whatever the Hell it come from!”

30th Anniversary PUMPKINHEAD Collection from Cavity Colors

Ken Wynne

Ken Wynne is the EIC for Attack from Planet B - writing about cult cinema and alternative music for over a decade.