CREEP Collection: Part 1 🐺 Now Available from Cavity Colors

CREEP Collection Now Available from Cavity Colors

I love wolves. Because they love deeply, but they don’t know how to express it… and they’re often very violent and, quite frankly, murder the things that they love. And yeah it’s misguided, and yeah occasionally it murders things… it reminded me of you, honestly.

You know, that moment I scared you in the woods? There was murder in your eyes, but it was like… you’re not ready to accept that yet, and I want to encourage you to embrace your inner wolf. So, take the knife, and don’t be afraid to murder… Because when you stick a knife in something, and you gut it, and you really dig inside… I don’t know man, there’s all this beautiful stuff. See ya soon, buddy!

Peachfuzz, the friendly wolf 🐺 has informed me that Cavity Colors have released their first licensed collection for the cult horror Creep; including three t-shirt designs designed by Devon Whitehead, Aaron Crawford and Hillary White – also available on hoodies, ringer tees, and ladies slouchy tanks – a one size fits most ‘Dad Hat’, and a ‘Peachfuzz’ enamel pin.

Creep Collection is on sale now at, and don’t forget tubby time!

CREEP Collection Now Available from Cavity Colors

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