Unfortunate Tales from Planet B #4 ▷ The Return of the Living Dead

Unfortunate Tales from Planet B

Unfortunate Tales from Planet B is a webcomic inspired by VHS cult classics! ▷

PANEL 1. Under the moonlit dark sky, in a graveyard, TRASH (Linnea Quigley, circa 1985) dances on top of a large stone tomb in nothing but a pair of white stockings. A stone carving in the side of the tomb reveals the name Count Yorga, Vampire. In the distance are onlookers SPIDER and SUICIDE; both sitting on the grass, cross-legged, eyes wide, and grinning. Spider wears a khaki green, sleeveless military jacket, red tank top and green camo cargo pants; whilst Suicide wears a black leather jacket and pants, and a black t-shirt with The Cramps band logo. Around Suicide’s neck is a studded choker. Three silver chains also cover his body; one hanging between his ear and his lip; the other two crossing over his torso. A boombox sits beside Suicide; blasting out music. Further in the distance are more tombstones and overgrown trees. One tree in particular appears to move…



PANEL 2. TARMAN can be seen approaching from the distance; from out of the trees. His brown/green flesh drips from his skeletal remains. Trash appears unfazed; continuing to dance upon the large stone tomb. Spider and Suicide, however – turning to face Tarman – appear to be extremely concerned. Suicide’s hand knocks over the boombox; yet the music continues to play.




PANEL 3. Hiding behind the large stone tomb Trash dances upon, Spider and Suicide peer over to look out for Tarman; their faces covered in perspiration. Distracted, Tarman sits cross-legged where Spider and Suicide once sat; tongue sticking out and eyes wide, focused towards Trash as she continues her dance.


Written by Ken Wynne ⚡ Illustrated by Rik Jackson

The Return of the Living Dead VHS

Ken Wynne ⚡ Rik Jackson

"10 Seconds: The Pain Begins. 15 Seconds: You Can't Breathe. 20 Seconds: You Explode."