Support THE RAGE 2 on Indiegogo

Support THE RAGE 2 on Indiegogo

Support THE RAGE 2 on Indiegogo

The Rage 2 is the sequel to the 2017 multi-award winning short horror film The Rage; written, directed and produced by Joshua Cleave. A chemical scientist and a small team of soldiers have been sent to investigate the bio lab where a deadly virus was accidentally released. Will they uncover the truth behind the terrifying “rage” virus?

The Rage 2 is currently in pre-production, and promises to be bigger, bloodier and scarier its predecessor! Joshua Cleave has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds required to complete production on this ambitious first-person horror experience.

Filming will take place in Liverpool (UK), using the latest GoPro 4K cameras to show the terrifying “ragers” in all their bloody glory! The cast includes Scott Metacafe (Matopulas), Stuart Davis (Dead Town), and Nathan Head (Theatre of Fear and Exorcist Chronicles).

The Rage 2 also has the support of special makeup effects artist Shaune Harrison (Nightbreed, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth), Terri Langley from Vile Style FX (The Rage, Matopulas), the award-winning hair and makeup artist Sarah Davies from Savaris (The Rage), makeup artist Natalia Oreskovic (Time, The Rage), composer Nneka Cummins (Time, The Rage), and visual after effects artist Michael Hennessy (Zombie Road).

“This is definitely the most ambitious script I have ever written, but with your help we can create an amazing and original horror experience. Audiences and film festivals won’t know what’s bit them.” – Joshua Cleave, director of The Rage

Supporting The Rage 2 through Indiegogo comes with its own unique perks, including digital downloads of both The Rage and The Rage 2; your name in the end credits of; 4×6″ horror post cards; a poster signed by the cast and director; cast & crew signed copies of the script; and the opportunity to join The Rage 2 cast and become a “rager”!

Please be sure to visit The Rage 2 official Facebook page to stay up to date on their production journey. Support The Rage 2 and donate to their Indiegogo campaign.

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