Boston Film Family Presents the Official Trailer from PARTS UNKNOWN

Written, produced and directed by Boston Film Family CEO Richard Chandler, Parts Unknown is an indie wrestling / horror hybrid detailing the infamous Von Strasser pro wrestling family that seek to violently reclaim their notorious status through supernatural means, despite being blackballed by forces within the industry. The movie stars retired pro-wrestler/actor William DeCoff, pro-wrestling manager/actress Lizzie Havoc, and Boston Film Family alumni Alexandra Cipolla, Alexander Hauck, and Sarah Michelle.

Legendary actress Melantha Blackthorne also stars in a small role, while former pro-wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts lends his vocal talents to the movie. Cameos are also provided by indie wrestling tag team The Devil’s Doormen, as well as YouTuber and podcaster Brian Zane (Wrestling with Wregret).

Parts Unknown (2018)

“After putting their bodies on the line for countless years, a family of professional wrestlers seek a brand new way to satisfy an impeccable bloodlust.”

Parts Unknown was shot by director of photography Denez McAdoo, costumes were created by Jenny French, and composer Andre Fernandea created the score. Boston Film Family, LLC, itself is an award-winning Massachusetts-based independent film production company that specialises in the creation of visual horror and grindhouse narrative.

Parts Unknown is scheduled to have its world premiere in Arlington, Massachusetts on June 9, 2018.

“You don’t like my style? Get out of my arena! You don’t like my style? Get out of my world! Get out of my universe! For tonight, all beauty must die.”

Parts Unknown (2018)

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