CARPENTER BRUT 💀 Leather Patrol Enamel Pin Now Available from Cavity Colors

CARPENTER BRUT Enamel Pin Now Available from Cavity Colors

In collaboration with No Quarter Productions, Cavity Colors are excited to bring you this exclusive, limited edition enamel pin to commemorate the brand new album Leather Patrol by Carpenter Brut (and the 2018 tour). A very limited amount will also be available at No Quarter Productions at a later date.

This 1.7 inch tall enamel pin has double rubber clutches on the back; securely attached to an official Leather Patrol Tour double-sided backing card.

“This is the story of Bret Halford, an introverted science student. He likes a girl who doesn’t like him and much prefers the team’s star quarterback. Bret gets mad. He tries to create a concoction that will allow him to control them all, but ends up disfigured and decides instead to become a rock star. This is how he will seduce the girl, and all other girls: by becoming Leather Teeth, singer of Leather Patrol.”

The Carpenter Brut Leather Patrol enamel pin is on sale now at cavitycolors.com, but beware! Only 300 enamel pins are available!

Ken Wynne

⚡ EIC [¬º-°]¬ for Attack from Planet B ⚡ Contact: ken@attackfromplanetb.com