Unfortunate Tales from Planet B #1 ▷ Scanners

Unfortunate Tales from Planet B

Unfortunate Tales from Planet B is a webcomic inspired by VHS cult classics! ▷

PANEL 1. MICHAEL, a man closely resembling Michael Ironside (circa 1981, Scanners), stands alone in an empty white room; his eyes fixated towards us in concentration. Smartly dressed in a black suit, visible only from the waist up; his tie pin particularly noticeable for its appearance: a fly.

PANEL 2. The room is now illuminated in neon purple light. Beads of sweat run down Michael’s flushed face. Veins in both his neck and temple become more visible, and his eyes bulge in their sockets.


PANEL 3. The lighting returns to normal. Michael’s head EXPLODES; engulfing the room in a crimson red mist. His lower jaw and left side of his face remain; tongue hanging out, and eye out of its socket. Brain matter has hit the walls behind him. His suit stained from the blood.


Written by Ken Wynne ⚡ Illustrated by Rik Jackson

Scanners VHS

Ken Wynne ⚡ Rik Jackson

"10 Seconds: The Pain Begins. 15 Seconds: You Can't Breathe. 20 Seconds: You Explode."