Waxwork Records Presents THE EYES OF MY MOTHER Double Vinyl Soundtrack

Waxwork Records Presents THE EYES OF MY MOTHER Double Vinyl Soundtrack

Waxwork Records presents the deluxe double LP film score release of The Eyes of My Mother. Written and directed by Nicolas Pesce, The Eyes of My Mother is a 2016 black and white horror film that focuses on a young woman, Francisca, growing up on her family farm; a place of heartbreak when she witnessed the murder of her mother during her adolescence. After keeping her mother’s murderer captive for years, and plagued by loneliness after the death of her father, Francisca begins a bizarre chain of actions that include luring victim’s back to the family farmhouse, dismemberment, kidnapping a infant to raise as her own son, and personally exhuming her mother.

Composed by Ariel Loh, the score to The Eyes of My Mother is dark, haunting, and atmospheric. Composed entirely on vintage, modded analog synthesizers, the score effectively presents a tune drifting, ghostly, and often beautiful collection of compositions that captures the lead characters psychosis and devolvement.

The score to The Eyes of My Mother has been pressed to two 180 gram colored vinyl records, and housed in a deluxe, heavyweight old-style gatefold jacket with satin coating. Features include composer liner notes by Ariel Loh, new artwork by illustrator Nikita Kaun, and an 11”x11” art print.

The The Eyes of My Mother double vinyl soundtrack is on sale now at waxworkrecords.com; in stock and ready to ship.

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• 180 gram double LP half white, half crystal clear vinyl with black splatter or black and white swirl vinyl with blood red burst
• Old style gatefold jacket with satin coating
• Liner notes by composer Ariel Loh
• Artwork by Nikita Kaun
• 11”x11” art print

Waxwork Records Presents THE EYES OF MY MOTHER Double Vinyl Soundtrack


01. Meet Charlie
02. Almost Dead
03. Unsettled
04. Conversation Piece


05. Eternal
06. Dreaming
17. String Loop 1
08. Meet Kimiko
09. Preparation


10. Pub Rock
11. Rising
12. Before Someone Dies
13. String Loop 2


14. String Loop 3
15. String Loop 4
16. After Someone Dies
17. String Loop 5
18. Closing Theme

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