Waxwork Records Presents DARKMAN and DAY OF THE DEAD Vinyl Soundtracks

Waxwork Records Presents Darkman Vinyl Soundtracks

Waxwork Records proudly presents the deluxe vinyl re-issue of the Darkman original motion picture score. Directed by the legendary Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, Army Of Darkness) and starring Liam Neeson, 1990’s Darkman is dark superhero film that pays homage to Universal’s classic horror movies from the 1930s.

When a scientist is attacked, burned alive, and left for dead by ruthless mobsters, he returns to seek revenge! Unable to acquire the rights to Batman or The Shadow, Sam Raimi decided to create his own original character; a hideous, disfigured vigilante, that is also the unfortunate victim to a tragic love story.

Darkman has bee re-mastered by Waxwork Records on 180 gram fluorescent orange and red swirl “Fire” vinyl, housed in an old-style tip-on gatefold jacket with satin coating; featuring all new artwork by award winning and acclaimed illustrator Francesco Francavilla, and includes a 12”x12” art print.


• 180 gram “Fire” vinyl (Fluorescent Orange with Red Swirl)
• Re-mastered for vinyl from the original master tapes
• All new artwork by Francesco Francavilla
• 12”x12” art print on uncoated stock


01. Main Title
02. Woe, The Darkman, Woe
03. Rebuilding / Failure
04. Love Theme
05. Julie Transforms
06. Rage / Peppy Science
07. Creating Pauley
08. Double Durante


09. The Plot Unfolds (Dancing Freak)
10. Carnival from Hell
11. Julie Discovers Darkman
12. High Steel
13. Finale / End Credits

Waxwork Records Presents Day of the Dead Vinyl Soundtracks

Waxwork Records is also beyond thrilled to present George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead original motion picture score on deluxe double vinyl. Selling out almost immediately upon it’s original Waxwork release, the score to Day of the Dead by composer John Harrison (Creepshow, Tales From The Dark Side) is 100% synth driven, dark, and blends elements of tropical compositions and atonal, droning electronic cues.

Back in 2013, Waxwork Records and composer John Harrison unearthed the original, lost 1985 master tapes containing the complete Day of the Dead film score from the attic of a recording studio in Pittsburgh, PA. Through painstaking restoration, mixing, and mastering of the complete musical cues, Waxwork assembled a definitive and deluxe release of the Day of the Dead’s cult classic synth heavy score, approved by both John Harrison and director George A. Romero.

Day of the Dead fans (including myself) have requested a re-release of this long sold-out vinyl soundtrack, and Waxwork Records have delivered a re-issue of the 2xLP score on deluxe 180 gram “Blood Smear” vinyl, housed in an old style tip-on gatefold jacket with satin coating and UV spot gloss finish and artwork by Jay Shaw; including liner notes by director George A. Romero, an 11”x22” art print featuring liner notes by composer John Harrison re-created in the form of the infamous “THE DEAD WALK!” newspaper featured in Day of the Dead’s opening credits.


• The definitive and complete film score; restored, mixed, and mastered from the original master tapes
• 2xLP “Blood Smear” colored vinyl
• Old-style tip-on gatefold jacket with satin coating and UV spot gloss finish
• Director liner notes by George A. Romero
• Composer liner notes by John Harrison
• 11”x22” “THE DEAD WALK!” newspaper insert
• Artwork by Jay Shaw


01. Main Title
02. Sarah Sees Graves
03. First Cave Entry
04. Zombies Approach
05. Capturing Zombies
06. You Almost Killed Rickles
07. Sarah Dopes Miguel
08. Where’s Frankenstein?
09. Bub Scares Sarah
10. Zombie Spills His Guts
11. Steele, Shoot That Woman


12. John Warns Sarah
13. People Got Different Ideas
14. Sarah Hallucinates
15. Walk To the Ritz
16. Sarah At the Ritz
17. John Lectures
18. What Hell Is Like
19. Logan Teaching Bub / Bub Learning
20. Miller Dies


21. Miguel Bitten
22. Sarah Breaks Down
23. Logan’s Lab / Logan’s Madness
24. Beef Treats
25. Those Are My Men
26. Miguel Decides
27. Chopper Can’t Hold Us All
28. Laugh in the Dark


29. Fix It… Can’t You Fix It?
30. Miguel Lets Em’ In
31. Rhodes Leaves His Men Behind
32. Zombie Overrun
33. The End Of Steele / Lost in the Caves
34. Heroes Escape
35. Bub Stalks Rhodes
36. Zombies Rip Rhodes
37. On the Beach

Waxwork Records Presents Darkman and Day of the Dead Vinyl Soundtracks

Darkman and Day of the Dead vinyl soundtracks are on sale now at; in stock and ready to ship, but quantities are limited.

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