Gross Out Your Friends with Fright-Rags’ MADBALLS Collection

Fright-Rags' Madballs Collection

“Catch them if you dare!”

Fright-Rags' Madballs Collection

The 1980s… A decade with no shortage of toys aimed to gross out your parents. Well, what did we all expect? Popular R-rated movies were being adapted into Saturday morning cartoons intended for children. Entertainment was so much more over-the-top and fun three decades ago!

Then along came Madballs, the classic toy rubber balls featuring disgusting gross-out characters. Now, 30 years later, gross out your friends and family once again with Fright-Rags’ new Madballs merch!

The Madballs collection includes five kick-ass designs by Scarecrowoven, Coki Greenway, Jeff Zornow and Kyle Crawford; each one available on black t-shirts, with select designs also available on color t-shirts or baseball tees. Three pairs of custom-knit socks are up for grabs as well – featuring Hornhead, Slobulus, and Skullface respectively.

The Madballs collection is on sale now at The t-shirts are in stock now, whilst the custom-knit socks will ship in early-May.

Fright-Rags' Madballs Collection

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