Fright-Rags’ RE-ANIMATOR Wax Packs Reanimate Trading Card Tradition

Fright-Rags' House of Fright Re-Animator Wax Packs

“Herbert West has a very good head on his shoulders…and another one in a dish on his desk!”

Re-Animator (1985)

Fright-Rags are re-animating movie trading card tradition with their House of Fright Wax Packs. “Death is just the beginning…” Stuart Gordon’s 1985 Lovecraftian comedy/horror Re-Animator is the first film to receive the reagent!

Each wax pack includes six collectible trading cards and one sticker. These trading cards are hand-sketched by a curated selection of artists. Barbara Crampton (who played Megan Halsey in the film) has also autographed a selection of trading cards which have been randomly inserted into the packs.

The Re-Animator trading cards are available as individual packs, factory boxes (60 base card set, 2 chase cards, 2 stickers and 1 sketch or signature card), and sealed boxes (2 full base sets, 2 full sticker sets, 22 chase cards, 1 sketch card and 1 signature card).

The Re-Animator House of Fright wax packs can be purchased now from

Quantities are limited as follows: 600 individual packs, 200 factory boxes, and 75 sealed boxes. Additional House of Fright wax packs from Fright-Rags are planned, based on the horror genre’s most iconic films.

Fright-Rags' House of Fright Re-Animator Wax Packs

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