Fright-Rags Enters the Wasteland with TURBO KID Collection

Fright-Rags Turbo Kid Collection

“This is the future. The world as we knew it is gone. Acid rain has left the land barren and the water toxic. Scarred by endless wars humanity struggles to survive in the ruins of the old world, frozen in an everlasting nuclear winter. This is the future…this is the year 1997.”

Turbo Kid (2015) Theatrical Poster

Let’s face it, the 1980s were awesome! So it’s expected that nostalgia will run rampant, but few modern films have been able to capture the decade’s idiosyncrasies like Turbo Kid; a post-apocalyptic story featuring a hero who scavenges “The Wasteland” on his BMX bike, collecting enough junk to trade for comic books. Now Fright-Rags has entered the wasteland with their brand-new Turbo Kid collection.

Who are Fright-Rags? Well, since 2003 Fright-Rags have been supplying horror fans from around the world with fantastic t-shirts and apparel. From cult classics to even the most obscure films. For their Turbo Kid collection Ralf Krause’s electrifying artwork has been made available on unisex shirts, girls shirts, and hoodies. Coki Greenway’s collage of colorful characters are available on unisex shirts and girls shirts, whilst Joe Guy Allard’s tribute to Skeletron is available on unisex shirts, girls shirts, and baseball tees.

All three Turbo Kid designs are now in stock and ready to ship at, where you’ll also find apparel from dozens of other cult films and horror classics both new and old. Fright-Rags will also be hosting a Black Friday sale beginning on the 25th November, so be sure to check back often.

Fright-Rags Turbo Kid Collection

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