Halloween Double-Feature on Troma Now: Grindsploitation and Dead Inside

Grindsploitation (2016, UK)

“Greetings from Tromaville!”

October has officially been declared TROMAWEEN! For the Troma Team this presents the opportunity to give Troma Now subscribers a special treat; one that isn’t a razor blade in your apple. Not one, but TWO grindhouse themed world premiere titles are now available to watch on Troma’s subscription service; Grindsploitation and Dead Inside.

“Anyone who is a true fan of adventures in filmed entertainment will love, love, love Troma Now. You won’t believe your senses and they won’t believe you!” – Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger

Grindsploitation (2016, UK)

The first Troma Now world premiere title this autumn/fall is an all out, balls deep, mind fuck of a movie going experience! Nudity and violence, the trusted trademarks of exploitation cinema, are the themes of Grindsploitation; an anthology film produced by Tony Newton, creator of VHS Lives: A Shlockumentary.

Full of faux movie trailers, short films and faux banned scenes, Grindsploitation will transport you back to the 1970’s heyday complete with that porn star mustache! Grab a beer and be prepared to experience Grindsploitation… Once seen you cannot erase this from your memory!

Dead Inside (2016, USA)

The second world premiere title is Ken Cosentino’s Dead Inside, aka Within, a psychological thriller, paying homage to the last fifty years of zombie films. As ravenous corpses fill the street, terrorizing everything in their path, Albert, a timid homosexual teen, and a small group of survivors must work together to stay off the menu.

Ten additional Troma titles will also be available on Troma Now during October including White Zombie, Hollowgate, Blood Junkie, Clown Camp Massacre, The Nightmare Never Ends, Psycho Sleepover, Dead Eyes Open, Tainted, Zombiegedden and from the pinku eiga collection, Twilight Dinner.

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Ken Wynne

Ken Wynne is the EIC for Attack from Planet B - writing about cult cinema and alternative music for over a decade.