CIM-Sueca 2016 Film Festival Award Winners

In Search of the Ultra-Sex (2015)

The CIM (Crappy International Movies) Sueca film festival is a global event aimed at low-budget B to Z audiovisuals, both independent and/or non-commercial. The CIM-Sueca film festival, having just completed it’s fifth edition, is held by the Cultural Association for the Second Law of Thermodynamics in the town of Sueca; in Valencia, Spain.

In Search of the Ultra-Sex (2015) Promotional Poster

This year, À la recherche de l’ultra-sex, directed by Nicolas Charlet and Bruno Lavaine, won the Suecan Horrorous Incoming Trophy (SHIT) for best feature film during it’s midnight screening. The erotic comedy, made by cutting and assembling porn films from the 70s and 80s, was also screened this year at other prestigious film festivals, such as Montreal’s Fantasia and Austin Fantastic Fest. For CIM-Sueca, it was the opportunity to premiere À la recherche de l’ultra-sex (translated as In Search of the Ultra-Sex) in Spain. Saying, directed by David Pareja, won the SHIT award for best short film, not long after winning an award at the 2016 Notodofilmfest.

Filipino action flick, Huramentado, directed by Noriel Jarito, won the OMEGA award this year for worst feature film, whereas Mining Moon, a Canadian space opera directed by Brian Morelan, won the OMEGA for the worst short film.

At CIM-Sueca there is also a prize for audiovisuals with a running time of less than 3 minutes, known as the FLASH award, which was awarded by the public to A Dark Night at the Wrong House. Finally, the TERRETA prize for the best Valencian language short film went to Blanca i la Cova dels Somnis, directed by Joaquin Gil.

In Search of the Ultra-Sex (2015)

Over one hundred low-budget movies were screened at the Bernat i Baldoví Municipal Centre from 19 to 25 September. Klaus-Günter Køscieniewicz, director of Vino del futuro II: El onanismo contra la R.A.E., Damià Miralles, director of Buscadors de Fantasmes, Juan Bodí from Vampiros Galácticos, Pablo Gabaldon from El tabaco puede matar and Sonia Martell from The Horror Complex, along with director Jairo Sobrino Rubio were in attendance. Toni de l’Hostal was a guest of honor, and master of ceremonies.

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