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LaserCat (2011) Xbox 360

LaserCat (2011) Xbox 360

LaserCat (2011)
Developed by MonsterJail Games.

Published by MonsterJail Games.

LaserCat (2011) Xbox Live Indie Games CoverWelcome to the colourful neon world of LaserCat, an award-winning 8-bit styled multi-screen adventure game independently developed by Daniel McFarline for MonsterJail Games and released in 2011 on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace.

You control LaserCat, a pixelated feline, in search of his/her best friend ever! The evil magic space frog Wizzord has kidnapped Owlfriend and won’t release him/her until he/she receives the ransom of one million British Pounds Sterling so it is up to you to rescue him, preferably before teatime!

As LaserCat you must explore the 225 rooms within Wizzord, the magic space frog’s space castle in search of keys that will set Owlfriend free from his/her caged prison. There are 30 keys in total that must be found within the castle walls. Unfortunately for LaserCat (and you) Wizzord has set up a series of obstacles/traps and hired a number of ‘minions’ to prevent LaserCat from reaching his/her goal. Even collecting keys requires you to first answer one of Wizzord’s ‘riddles’… Pick the wrong answer and you are dropped into a pit of lava! You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?

LaserCat (2011) Xbox 360

Inspired by Matthew Smith’s genre-defining platform classic’s Manic Miner (1983) and Jet Set Willy (1984) for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, but designed to be a lot less punishing in it’s difficulty, LaserCat is an incredibly fun experience that both casual and hardcore gamers will enjoy. The controls are simple but incredibly responsive, requiring effective manoeuvring to overcome the series of pixels that await you in every well designed room.

LaserCat may only have taken me two hours to complete but with an eye-catching visual style that is reminiscent of the ZX Spectrum era, and a great soundtrack by Kevin Macleod, LaserCat is a charming independent release and one of the best games I have come across on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace, period.

Ken Wynne

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