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Enter the Dragon: A Cult Classic Amongst Martial Arts Fans

Enter the Dragon (1973)

Enter the Dragon (1973)While Bruce Lee made a variety of movies during his lifetime, such as Fist of Fury and the Way of the Dragon, one of his best known films came in 1973 with Enter the Dragon. In the movie Lee plays a Shaolin martial artist who gets involved in an undercover mission to catch a drug trafficker. He is invited by a secretive millionaire to a martial arts tournament so that he can spy on the drugs ring that is thought to be based there – the gang that was also responsible for the death of his sister.

Needless to say, the fists are soon flying as Lee joins the tournament in which he tries to fight his way into the headquarters of the villain so that he can exact his revenge and this is where the action really kicks in. The fight sequences in this movie are superb and have become legendary. Not only did Bruce Lee wow audiences with his skills but the director, Robert Clouse, does great work in ensuring that the visual style is perfect and provides the thrills that audiences are looking for.

This is a movie that went on to become known as one of the greatest martial arts movies in history and maintains its cult status today. Sadly, the movie marked Lee’s final film appearance before his death. However, the movie and the actor himself continue to influence the world today in many different ways and across a range of industries.

Enter the Dragon (1973)

Even today, Bruce Lee and Enter the Dragon continue to have a strong influence in a range of industries and both the actor and his films still have a huge following. You will find the Bruce Lee official store, where people still flock to buy everything from Bruce Tea health drinks through to apparel, books and movies, artwork and posters, and more.

The gaming industry is another area that has been strongly influenced by Bruce Lee and his movies is the gaming industry. For instance, Mr Smith Casino, which offers a range of virtual table and slot games, also provides access to two slot machine games based on Bruce Lee. There was even an official Bruce Lee board game that caused a stir on Kickstarter in 2014 and features both Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon, as a fighting duo.

When it comes to accessories, there have been plenty of options for consumers such as Bruce Lee phone cases and tablet cases amongst others. The gadgets industry has also been influenced by Lee, with products such as the Nikon Bruce Lee Gold camera and official Bruce Lee mobile phone dongles.

When it comes to merchandising, Bruce Lee has had enormous influence and you get everything from mugs and figurines through to clothing, books and a wide range of other accessories. Of course, the entertainment industry has also made huge profits from the sale of Bruce Lee videos, DVDs, and Blu-Rays over the years.

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