Nazi Zombies (2003)

Nazi Zombies (2003)

Operation: Nazi Zombies (2003)Directed by David B. Stewart III
Written by David B. Stewart III
Starring Thomas Reilly, Elissa Mullen and Christopher Connolly

Zombie themed movies are back as the in thing thanks to the success of mainstream viewing such as Shawn of the Dead and the TV show The Walking Dead. In horror movies there is two things that you love to see killed; Nazis and Zombies. So this film written, edited and directed by David B. Stewart III combines the two. The plot is a team of army special forces has been chosen to go to an old biological weapons facility to destroy all equipment and specimens inside. What they find is not only the danger from the zombies but also danger from themselves. The US film title was Operation: Nazi Zombies but was shortened upon it’s UK DVD release, clearly influenced by the popular side mission in selected Call of Duty franchise games. Unfortunately aside from one helmet and one reference to Nazis this is just a plain zombie horror film.

Nazi Zombies (2003)

Nazi Zombies (2003) is available on R2 DVD from Amazon.co.ukThe pace is steady and unfortunately never goes full throttle. The cast mainly put in good performances except for the odd person. The make up for the zombies is nicely done but rarely does the camera stay on them long enough to truly appreciate the make up artists work. The music score is perfect to create a sense of eeriness and works well throughout the film.

One of the main problem I have is, apart from the main character, you don’t form a relationship with any of the other characters so you’re not worried about them dying. The other is that the main threat for most of the movie is the humans and not the zombies which was a shame. The main part of the film where there’s a sense of being trapped and in danger they could have spent more time on. There was the broken lift to go back up, the flashing lights and the twisting hall ways whichever as perfect. Unfortunately they only used twenty minutes of the 86 minutes run time in this environment.

Nazi Zombies is worth a watch just don’t expect much emphasis on the Nazi part and also any connection to the Call of Duty video game mode. Watch Dead Snow if this is what you was looking for! It ticks all the box’s for a zombie movie except for the gore level which is set at low. The ending is a little bit of a let down, as personally I thought was going to lead to a possible sequel.

The fear is real, just expect the fear to come from the unexpected. “Betrayed…hunted…and left for…THE DEAD.”

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Paul Griffin