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The Mysterious Land of Incredible B-Movie Poster Art

Fiend Without a Face (1958)Many things can grab your attention. It can be a shiny object, a loud noise, a beautiful woman, and so on – you get the point. But to this humble cinephile, there is nothing more slap-in-the-face stunning than a B-Movie poster. Featuring rich colors, wicked graphics, and tantalizing phrases, B-Movie posters consistently blow my mind. In fact, I cannot think of a profession that could be more fun than designing these AMAZING works of art.

A Somewhat Overlooked Art Form?
B-Movies are victims of very low budgets. If there is a buck-saving corner to be cut, it will be severed faster than a Kung Fu chop from Sonny Chiba. From writing to acting to cinematography, all expenses are usually minimized. This filmmaking process is usually reflected in the final product. Still, an enormous amount of effort went into production, so what can a studio do to gain an audience? You guessed it. Give these films an ELECTRIFYING poster. Are you wondering if it’s all worth it? To that I respond, “heck yeah!” I don’t expect everyone to love posters as much as I do, but whether you recognize their beauty or not, they are a time-marking art form – an art form that probably deserves a little more appreciation.

Phantasm (1979)The Mesmerizing Effects of Packaging.
It’s all about packaging. Practically every industry uses clever and creative packaging to help sell their products. Kellogg’s cereal uses a toucan, tiger, frog, and plenty of color to make us reach for that box. Betfair online gaming displays eye-catching colors and graphics to entice. They also offer cool themes, including movie and science fiction genre-related games, such as King Kong and Alien Hunter slots. If you travel back in time a bit, album art for vinyl records was often better than the music inside. Before you continue reading, check out these DAZZLING album covers accumulated by Smashing Magazine. The point is that everyone is resourceful with their packaging, but it is done exceptionally well in B-Movie posters.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)If you share my poster enthusiasm, you can really have fun creating your own B-Movie art. Sites like Digital Arts Online and Creative Bloq offer Photoshop tutorials on how to design your very own B-Movie poster. 1001 Fonts, Dafont, and other sites allow you to download free B-Movie inspired fonts to make your project look even more SENSATIONAL! Cracked took creativity to another level in designing B-Movie poster versions of films like “Fargo” and “Rain Man.” I especially like their poster for “The Sandlot.”

B-Movie posters are frickin’ cool! In many cases, they take a bad flick and legitimize it. They simply improve the overall presentation of any film’s caliber. They are not just the icing on the cake, but the substance of the sweet confection itself. I am on a mission to promote the wonder of this sometimes neglected art form.

This is a guest editorial.

Ken Wynne

Ken Wynne is the EIC for Attack from Planet B - writing about cult cinema and alternative music for over a decade.