Vipers (2008)

Vipers (2008)Vipers is a 2008 film directed by Bill Corcoran starring Tara Reid (yes, Vicky from American Pie herself) and Corbin Bernsen .

An army of vipers has been mutated by a scientist in order to create a cure for cancer, But, as there is always a but in those films, the experiment goes wrong, and all the vipers escape into the woods, making their way into a small town, killing the Locals.

Vipers (2008)The film is about everything you can expect from a “predator movie”, the CGIs are half bad and the actors doing an honest job if it wasn’t for the weak dialogues, complicated relationships that I don’t care about and some nonsense like you would imagine. After all, it is a B movie.

So there you have a former war doctor Cal Taylor (Jonathan Scarfe) trying to get a new life in the small island of hamlet. It’s not long before the vipers multiply and completely take over the island trapping Cal with the few surviving islanders in an hotel (one of which is Tara Reid).

The picture wouldn’t be complete without a “cleaner” and a couple of army guys… a cliché totally expected.

Now they have to survive by reaching the coast line.

I will stop there as you might (still) want to watch it but not without warning you:

Vipers (2008)Why sticking so many complicated love lifes in there? Why is it that Tara Reid seems to be paid for “not smiling”? The dialogues are bad, and let’s be honest, see half of the survivor die in a single scene is a bit too much. Last thing: too many characters maybe but that’s just me.

On the plus side, the snakes don’t only bite but act like piranhas, riping the flesh out of the bones and the CGIs are actually good for a straight to DVD release. Plenty of action, a good pace and you have a not so bad B movie that only its defaults qualify as one to watch. As usual for the fans only.


Tara Reid … Nicky Swift

Jonathan Scarfe … Cal Taylor

Corbin Bernsen     … Burton

Genevieve Buechner …     Maggie Martin

Stephen E. Miller … Hank Brownie

Jessica Steen  … Dr. Collins

Directed By … Bill Corcoran


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