Attack From Planet B Presents … Re-Animator

Attack From Planet B Presents.... Re-animatorSince September of last year we have been bring you some great screenings, including such greats as Night of the Living Dead, Halloween, The Warriors and First Blood. Now for our latest screening we bring you the cult classic Re-Animator. But that’s not all; we are also offering free tickets to see this great bit of horror comedy.

Horror comedies are tricky things to pull off, but in his first cinematic outing, director Stuart Gordon managed to find the correct balance with great ease. Outrageous, erotic, gory, jaw-dropping, genre-busting ,shocking, and altogether exhilarating, Re-Animator is based upon a series of stories by H P Lovecraft, but there are no Cthulhuian monsters here (Gordon got round to them in the later From Beyond and the underrated Dagon). Instead we get a rom-zom-com years before Shaun Of The Dead, but with considerably more gore.

An incredibly demented movie that doesn’t just push at the envelope of good taste so much as it tears it up, stomps on it and incinerates the scraps, Re-Animator is the story of Herbert West, a brilliant medical student who has perfected a green-glowing serum for regenerating life into dead things — or even parts of dead things. As played by Jeffrey Combs, West is psychotic, dry and very, very funny – and instantly takes his place in the pantheon of great movie Mad Scientists. Giving him a run for his money, however, is Dr. Carl Hill (David Gale), West’s corrupt superior, who assumes control of the experiments and winds up, by ghastly necessity, using the stuff on his own severed head and body. And from there on, it’s all bone saws and zombies!

Incidentally, trivia fans, the film was shot on the same set as The Terminator, immediately after Cameron’s film had wrapped, and shared many of the same crew. In fact, Arnie’s body double, Peter Kent, plays the first corpse to be revived!

So what we want you to do is turn up to our screening on Thursday 4th April at 7.45pm . So come along to the Hawthorne Theatre in Welwyn Garden City (directions below) on Thursday 4th Aprilat 7.45pm, with tickets at only £5 what are you waiting for? Order your tickets here.

How to get Free Tickets!!!!

Look out for this offer (see below) in this weeks coppy Of the Welwyn Hatfield Times Series, Wednesday, March 20, 2013:

Re-Animator Free Offer

More to Come

Over the next couple of months keep the your diaries free for the first Thursday of every month, as we will be bring you more great screenings at The Hawthorne Theatre.

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