The Great Troma Competition with Arrow Films CLOSED

You lucky lucky people, those lovely people over at Arrow Films & Video are not only releasing 3 great titles from Troma’s wonderful output, but they are also given us the chance to give a way 3 sets of these great titles to our lovely readers.

You all know the lovely work that Troma has given us over the years, from Father’s Day and Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead to The Toxic Avenger and Blood Sucking Freaks. So what are the amazing titles that 3 of our lucky readers could walk away with?

The Great Troma Competition with Arrow Films

First off we have The Class of Nuke ‘Em High. At Tromaville High School the kids are revolting. Literally. The irradiated marijuana they’ve been buying from The Cretins, a tough gang of ex-star pupils turned atomic punks, is turning them into freaks. Girls are giving birth to demon babies, the nerds are developing super strength and there’s a monster in the school basement that eats honour roll students for breakfast.

Welcome to State education Troma-style, a place where the science lab is kitted out with lasers and nudity is often compulsory. The Class of Nuke ‘Em high will have their work cut out surviving until the final bell, let alone graduation.

Next up is Combat Shock. ‘Nam, a green jungle hell. A terrifying place of death, violence and bloody war where seeing your buddies die in front of you is a daily event and getting your seed corrupted by Agent Orange is an occupational hazard. Poor Ricky came home with a messed up head and scrambled DNA, now he has a mutated baby, a nagging wife and a grim collection of junkie friends to deal with. In the dilapidated tenements of Staten Island, life is harsh and sanity is transitory at best.

Combat Shock is Troma’s meanest, grittiest movie. A headfirst trip into the seedy urban trough where hookers, desperate junkies and slowly unravelling Vietnam vets crawl over each other just to survive as the movie jacks up the grime flecked horror on its journey to one of no budget cinema’s most shocking conclusions.

Final to finish of the 3 titles there is Surf Nazis Must Die. When the California coast is ravaged by a massive earthquake the beaches are left in a state of anarchy. In this lawless void a new power is rising. Adolf and his evil gang of fascist water rats are coming. They are the Surf Nazis and they must DIE!

Fighting with rival beach gangs and harassing the locals, the Surf Nazis soon take over the area but when they ice a local jogger it opens up a can of revenge as the murdered man’s Mama breaks out her retirement home, tooled up and ready for harsh vigilante justice.

So now that you know what is on offer, how do you go about winning these 3 great Troma Titles? Well it’s easy; all you have to do is enter the phrase that pays in the comments section at the bottom of the page and wait to see it you are one of the lucky winners selected after the closing date. But what is the phrase that pays? I hear you cry. Well here it is:

The troma of me winning such goodies will blow my head in to one big gooey mess!

So enter and good luck and don’t forget you can also catch-up on all things Planet B every week!

Terms and conditions

The closing date of the competition is Saturday 1st September  20.00GMT.
All entrants must include the phrase that pays.
All entrants must supply a valid email address (will not be published).
Only ONE entrant per valid email address.
Attack From Planet B has the right to remove entrants if any of the above have not been followed.
Attack From Planet B’s word is final!
This competition is being run by Attack From Planet B and has no connection to Arrow Films  & Video.

Adam Akers