Return of the Living Dead @ The Rio

May promises to be one of the most exciting months in Cigarette Burns cinema history, with not one but two incredible screenings that any fan of the fearful and fantastic would be foolish to forgo.

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD – Saturday 19th May, 23.30pm

Return of the Living Dead @ The Rio

On Saturday 19th May, we’re bringing a spanking new print of Dan O’Bannon’s (Alien, Dark Star, Dead and Buried) erstwhile zombie classic RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD to the Rio Cinema, Dalston.

When a couple of bumbling hicks accidentally release toxic gas from an unsuccessful army experiment into the atmosphere, the unthinkable happens and an army of  malevolent dead begin to rise…you know, like in that movie NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD?

But these zombies turn out to be even more obstinate than Romero’s flesh-chompers – removing the head and destroying the bran won’t cut it this time. If they’re to survive, the two men, their boss, and a group of spiky teenagers will have to put aside their differences and put their brains together…before they get eaten.


One of the most best and most enduring cult horror films ever made, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is presented in a brand new, hi-def transfer, along with the original classic 80s punk soundtrack.

What’s more, original poster artist Graham Humpherys has been kind enough to rework his original poster art for a brand new Cigarette Burns quad specifically for this screening!

Also Psychotronic will be on hand with loads of DVDs and related goodies for your perusal and purchase, and we’ll have DJ’s spinning tunes before and after the movie in the Rio bar.

A bar stock full of £2.50 Tenafly Viper made with Kraken Rum will remain open throughout the film and after. Tickets are £8.

The film starts around 23.30pm, with the bar staying open throughout the film until 2.30AM. The Rio Cinema has great transport links and is easy to get to:


67, 76/N76, 149 (24-hr), 243 (24-hr), & 488 stop right outside the Rio


The Rio is 5 minutes from both Dalston Junction and Dalston Kingsland stations (both London Overground)


Adam Akers